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Teenage Boy with Cerebriform Testicular Adrenal Rest Tumors

Purpose or Case Report: We present the case of a 14 year old Asian male with a history of poorly controlled congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) and growing testicular adrenal rest tumors. While on high dose steroid therapy, the lesions decreased in size from 1.1 x 1.0 cm to 0.5 x 0.8 cm. However, they subsequently increased in size, measuring 2 to 3 cm in length when the patient was not compliant with the steroid regimen due to Cushingoid side effects. The masses were bilateral, symmetric, and located at the mediastinum testis, all findings consistent with testicular adrenal rest tumors as opposed to Leydig tumor. With growth, they coalesced to form undulating masses with hyperechoic and hypoechoic layers mimicking the cerebrum, an appearance more typically seen in the adrenal glands at initial diagnosis of CAH. Current practice guidelines in much of the developed world typically result in early diagnosis and advanced therapy, making testicular adrenal rest tumors of this size and appearance unique.
Methods & Materials:
  • Willard, Scott  ( McLane Children's - Baylor Scott & White , Temple , Texas , United States )
  • Birkemeier, Krista  ( McLane Children's - Baylor Scott & White , Temple , Texas , United States )
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