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Extra-osseous uptake of Tc99m-HDP on bone scintigraphy in a paediatric patient with hepatoblastoma

Purpose or Case Report: A three year old child was referred to the Nuclear Medicine Department for bone scintigraphy for staging. This patient was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma. Imaging findings showed no bony disease, however, radiotracer uptake was demonstrated throughout the liver.
Methods & Materials: A whole body bone scene was performed, Supplemental Data File 1, followed by SPECT of the abdomen with low dose co-registering CT through the liver, to further assess a lesion seen on planar imaging.
Results: No evidence of local bony disease or distant metastasis. Multiple small focal accumulations of Tc-99 HDP radiotracer are demonstrated throughout the liver with some CT abnormalities, Supplemental Data File 2. This is related to calcifications within the hepatoblastoma.
Conclusions: Demonstration of calcified lesions within the liver of a paediatric patient with hepatoblastoma.
  • Mannix, Laura  ( Our Lady's Childrens Hospital Crumlin , Dublin , Ireland )
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