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Acute Abdomen
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Hendi Aditi,  Harty Mary,  Grissom Leslie

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-061

Colonic volvulus in the pediatric population is very rare with 40% mortality making timely diagnosis imperative. Radiologists should operate with a high degree of clinical suspicion in patients with risk factors for large bowel volvulus. Recognition of colonic volvulus on plain film, contrast enema and CT is paramount to work-up and definitive management. This case series is the largest from any single institution and describes the clinical course and imaging findings in cases of volvulus, with the goal of familiarizing the radiologist with the appearance of this disease entity on several imaging modalities. Read More

Authors:  Hendi Aditi , Harty Mary , Grissom Leslie

Keywords:  Colonic Volvulus, Pediatric, Large Bowel Volvulus, Colonic Obstruction, Acute Abdomen

Gnesda Ryan,  Lewis Heidi,  Kucera Jennifer

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-091

Intraperitoneal focal fat infarction is an umbrella term used to describe numerous pathologies with the two most common encountered in clinical practice being epiploic appendagitis and omental infarction. The clinical presentation often mimics an acute abdomen, which can lead to inappropriate management of the patient. While there is ample literature regarding the imaging appearance of focal fat infarction in adults, little exists regarding the imaging findings in children. The purpose of this exhibit is to demonstrate the imaging features which will allow radiologists to confidently diagnose focal fat infarction and differentiate it from more emergent causes of an acute abdomen. We will also discuss the prognosis and appropriate management, usually conservative, which is a significant difference from other causes of an acute abdomen. Read More

Authors:  Gnesda Ryan , Lewis Heidi , Kucera Jennifer

Keywords:  Acute Abdomen, Epiploic Appendagitis, Omental Infarct