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Computed Tomography Angiography
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Luhar Aarti,  Vu Dan,  Holmes Nathan,  Renella Pierangelo

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Computed Tomography Angiography (CTA) is a valuable non-invasive tool for assessment of congenital heart disease in neonates. Though it requires less radiation, contrast and sedation than catheter angiography, which is the current standard of care, traditional CTA can still necessitate significant radiation dose, sedation, breath-holding and/or low heart-rates to achieve diagnostic studies. In this frequently imaged neonatal patient population, it is imperative to minimize cumulative radiation to limit the lifetime risk of cancer. At our institution, we have successfully used a new fast-acquisition FLASH CTA protocol to achieve high quality imaging of neonates with complex congenital heart disease with minimal radiation dose and without sedation. Read More

Authors:  Luhar Aarti , Vu Dan , Holmes Nathan , Renella Pierangelo

Keywords:  Computed Tomography Angiography, Congenital Heart Disease, Radiation Dose Reduction