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Fadell Michael,  Flug Jonathan,  Mcarthur Tatum,  Skelton Anne,  Carry Patrick,  Mayer Stephanie

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-039

This study compares the accuracy of three MRI acquisitions commonly used to assess intra articular pathology in identifying labral, transition zone, and articular cartilage injuries. Read More

Authors:  Fadell Michael , Flug Jonathan , Mcarthur Tatum , Skelton Anne , Carry Patrick , Mayer Stephanie

Keywords:  Labrum, Chondral labral junction, Radial

Mehlman Tracey,  Riley, Jr. Pat,  Person Allison

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-042

Hip pain in the active adolescent can be a diagnostic challenge. Labral tears are a common cause of pain, but on average, a lag time of greater than 2 years exists before a diagnosis is achieved. Leading etiologies of labral pathology include: trauma, femoroacetabular impingement, and dysplasia. A better understanding of hip pathology, in this age group and the development of less-invasive hip arthroscopy and surgical repair, has led to an increased number of pediatric MR hip arthrograms (MRA) being performed.

The purpose of this investigation was to evaluate the accuracy of our MRA reports with arthroscopic findings and create a pictorial radiologic-arthroscopic correlation. This study will assist both radiologists whom may be formally trained in pediatric radiology but have variable experience and/or training in musculoskeletal radiology, as well as our clinical colleagues to better understand the diagnostic utility of MRA.
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Authors:  Mehlman Tracey , Riley, Jr. Pat , Person Allison

Keywords:  MRA, Labrum, Hip