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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Sequence
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Zhong Yumin,  Sun Aimin,  Gao Wei

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Tracheobronchial anomalies including tracheobronchial stenosis, tracheal bronchus, cardiac bronchus and bronchial isomerism are common in congenital heart disease. Cardiovascular anomaly is the principal extrinsic lesion causing tracheobronchial stenosis. MRI has the advantage of being non-ionizing and providing excellent soft tissue contrast for the diagnosis of congenital heart disease and tracheobronchial anomalies
Purpose: To define diagnostic accuracy of three-dimensional turbo field echo (3D-TFE) to detect tracheobronchial anomalies in patients with congenital heart disease
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Authors:  Zhong Yumin , Sun Aimin , Gao Wei

Keywords:  Tracheobronchial Anomalies, congenital heart disease, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Sequence