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Mri Sedation
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Shah Summit,  Mcgonagill Phillip,  Hu Houchon,  Sankaran Akila,  Krishnamurthy Rajesh,  Krishnamurthy Ramkumar

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-030

The likelihood of sedation for an MRI exam in a patient under 8 years is high. Disadvantages of sedation usage include direct complications, suspected long-term effects, and higher costs. Sedation reduction techniques include the use of an MRI simulator, accelerated MRI scans, abbreviated protocols, and swaddle and sleep techniques. We evaluated the clinical image quality and cost effectiveness associated with an MRI simulator training program. Read More

Authors:  Shah Summit , Mcgonagill Phillip , Hu Houchon , Sankaran Akila , Krishnamurthy Rajesh , Krishnamurthy Ramkumar

Keywords:  MRI Sedation, Quality Improvement, Cost