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Patel Maya,  Francavilla Michael,  Longoria Cruz,  Nguyen Michael,  Barrera Christian,  Nguyen Jie

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-024

The tibiotalar joint is the third most common location for osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) lesions, which poses the risk of premature osteoarthritis, and often associates with a history of prior ankle sprains and fractures. Unstable lesions require surgical intervention. A 4-stage radiographic classification system has been previously proposed, but this system has a 50% false negative rate when compared to arthroscopic assessment (reference standard). Recently, MRI and arthroscopic findings have been correlated in adults, but no such validation study has been performed in children. Thus, the purpose of our study was to identify MRI findings that predict instability of OCD lesions of the ankle in children. Read More

Authors:  Patel Maya , Francavilla Michael , Longoria Cruz , Nguyen Michael , Barrera Christian , Nguyen Jie

Keywords:  tibiotalar joint, OCD