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Pain Management
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Reading Brenton,  Cully Brent,  Theut Stephanie,  Robinson Amie,  Anderson John,  Rivard Douglas

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-051

Minimally invasive procedures are common practice for pain management in pediatrics. The use of image guided therapies for axial skeletal pain management have been proven to not only be safe and effective, but also can be performed routinely in the interventional radiology (IR) department. The goal of this educational exhibit is to illustrate image guided techniques for pain management in pediatric patients. Specifically, techniques involving image-guided injections for treatment of headache, back pain, and other axial skeletal sources will be highlighted. Read More

Authors:  Reading Brenton , Cully Brent , Theut Stephanie , Robinson Amie , Anderson John , Rivard Douglas

Keywords:  Pain Management, Steroid Injection, Nerve Block

Kohli Mandy,  Vali Reza,  Amirabadi Afsaneh,  Frankfurter Caroline Frankfurter,  Shammas Amer

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-065

In paediatric nuclear medicine the majority of the scans require intravenous (IV) access to deliver the radiotracers. Children and parents often cite procedural pain as the most distressing part of their child’s hospitalization. In our department, various pain management strategies including physical and psychological distraction methods and pharmacological intervention have been implemented for the reduction of procedural pain. The purpose of this study was to evaluate and compare different pain reduction strategies used in the paediatric Nuclear Medicine department.
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Authors:  Kohli Mandy , Vali Reza , Amirabadi Afsaneh , Frankfurter Caroline Frankfurter , Shammas Amer

Keywords:  Pain management, Paediatric, Distraction method