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Myefski Patty,  Sammet Christina

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-008 (T)

To recognize imaging artifacts that are unique to digital radiography (DR) and to learn techniques to reduce the most common image quality issues. DR systems in medical imaging have transformed planar xray, one of the oldest imaging modalities. Computed radiography (CR) and DR share some of the same image quality challenges including poor positioning, inappropriate techniques, and motion. There are image quality issues unique to DR that may be unfamiliar to new operators. Although, artifacts have been a part of imaging since the use of film-screen xray, with DR, the technologists have to be aware of new artifacts related to digital acquisition and processing. At times, pediatric DR imaging can present even bigger challenges. Technologists must learn methods to avoid DR imaging artifacts, and how to identify them before sending the image to the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). This exhibit will review how to identify common DR imaging artifacts, explain the reason they occur, and suggest methods to reduce their interference with image quality. Read More

Authors:  Myefski Patty , Sammet Christina

Keywords:  Artifacts, QA

Mcenneny Jamie,  Morrison Jessica,  Mesi Erin,  Young Cody,  Martin Lisa

Final Pr. ID: Paper #: 083

Repeat imaging is often a result of unnecessary errors in 1 or more diagnostic categories. To minimize the number of Head and Abdominal CTs with suboptimal diagnostic quality, we set out to create a standardized list of criteria that assess the quality of the study. This list of standards and evaluation criteria successfully provided the technologists knowledge and insight into what our radiologists require to diagnose our pediatric patients. Read More

Authors:  Mcenneny Jamie , Morrison Jessica , Mesi Erin , Young Cody , Martin Lisa

Keywords:  QA, technologist