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Radiation Data Management System
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Zhu Xiaowei,  Whitaker Jayme,  Shellikeri Sphoorti,  Cahill Anne Marie

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-046

It is important for radiologists to recognize and discuss with patients and families the potential risks and clinical manifestations of high Peak Skin Dose. In children undergoing complex Interventional procedures accurate Peak Skin Dose estimates are complicated and time consuming despite reference point doses being available. The availability of the Dose Structure Report (SR) on modern fluoroscopic equipment allows such estimates to be timely and consistent. The process of creating a Peak Skin Dose estimate using a validated radiation data management system (RDMS), capable of collecting detailed acquisition data and modeling will be discussed. Read More

Authors:  Zhu Xiaowei , Whitaker Jayme , Shellikeri Sphoorti , Cahill Anne Marie

Keywords:  Peak Skin Dose Estimation, Interventional fluoroscopic, Radiation Data Management System