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Ultra High Frequency
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Krishnamurthy Ganesh,  Escobar Fernando,  Srinivasan Abhay,  Smith Christopher,  Biko David,  Pinto Erin,  Dewitt Aaron,  Dori Yoav

Final Pr. ID: Paper #: 068

Inguinal lymph node identification using ultrasound is critical in performing intranodal lymphangiography. We routinely utilize a 15 MHz “hockey stick” linear high resolution ultrasound probe (Philips Epic 7) for identification as well as to gain needle access into the inguinal lymph node. However in children with severe body wall edema and in low weight premature babied identification of lymph nodes can be difficult and sometimes impossible. Higher frequency ultrasound transducers offer the potential for improved identification of lymph nodes in such cases. The aim of this study was to compare imaging finding of high resolution US probe to the traditional 15 mHz probe in patients undergoing lymph node access for lymphangiography. Read More

Authors:  Krishnamurthy Ganesh , Escobar Fernando , Srinivasan Abhay , Smith Christopher , Biko David , Pinto Erin , Dewitt Aaron , Dori Yoav

Keywords:  Ultra high frequency, lymph nodes, lymphatic intervention