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Congenital Bone Anomalies: Part I-Upper Extremity

Purpose or Case Report: Congenital anomalies of bone are many and can be difficult to approach. In addition, it is important to recognize that while some of these anomalies occur sporadically or in isolation, others are inherited or associated with systemic conditions/syndromes that require further assessment, diagnostic testing, and proper referral.
In this two-part exhibit, congenital bone anomalies of the upper and lower extremities will be reviewed. The first part of the exhibit will cover upper extremity anomalies while the second part will focus on the lower extremity. The purpose is multifold: 1. To illustrate the wide spectrum of congenital bone anomalies based on classic clinical presentation and demographics. 2. Highlight key imaging characteristics across multiple modalities to allow for accurate differentiation between the various congenital bone anomalies of the extremities. 3. Guide the viewer to proper workup and referral for these entities.
Methods & Materials: Patients with congenital upper extremity bone anomalies encountered in our institution were reviewed and selected for illustration. Clinical presentation as well as key imaging findings unique to each of these conditions will be highlighted to allow for efficient and accurate differentiation.
Results: In the first part of this exhibit, multiple entities encompassing upper extremity congenital bone anomalies are succinctly characterized. These include: Radial Deficiency, Ulnar Deficiency, Constriction/Amniotic Bands, Carpal Fusion, Radioulnar Synostosis, Kirner Deformity, Delta Phalanx, Clinodactyly, and Camptodactyly.
Conclusions: Congenital bone anomalies require an appropriate diagnosis as well as proper communication and, if warranted, referral. Through this exhibit, the process will be simplified for the radiologist to reaching the correct diagnosis and to implement the appropriate workup.
  • Al-saraf, Ali  ( University of Chicago , Chicago , Illinois , United States )
  • Ong, Seng  ( University of Chicago , Chicago , Illinois , United States )
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