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Pediatric Orbital Abnormalities: A Pictorial Review

Purpose or Case Report: The pediatric orbit presents a wide spectrum of possible abnormalities which differ significantly from those seen in adults. Evaluation of the various pediatric orbital abnormalities depends on radiologic assessment with different imaging techniques to aid in diagnosis. The purpose of this exhibit is to describe and differentiate the more commonly encountered pediatric orbital abnormalities using a multimodality approach.
Methods & Materials: Orbital abnormalities detailed in the exhibit are illustrated using CT, MRI and ultrasound. The abnormalities are described with emphasis on the specific imaging characteristics which help distinguish each abnormality.
Results: The pictorial review will be divided into three broad categories: congenital, inflammatory and neoplastic abnormalities. A brief review of the anatomy of the pediatric orbit will be provided, with the focus of the exhibit on the most common orbital abnormalities encountered in the pediatric population. The following abnormalities will be discussed: 1. Congenital abnormalities: coloboma, persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous, dacrocystocele, hemangioma, dermoid/epidermoid, and fibrous dysplasia. 2. Inflammatory processes: orbital cellulitis, inflammatory pseudotumor, and dacrocystitis. 3. Neoplastic lesions: optic nerve glioma, leukemia/lymphoma, metastatic disease, and rhabdomyosarcoma.
Conclusions: The pediatric orbit can be affected by a wide variety of potential abnormalities. Recognition of the imaging appearance of the many different pediatric orbital abnormalities is important to aid in prompt diagnosis and to help guide treatment.
  • Lewis, Heidi  ( University of South Florida , Tampa , Florida , United States )
  • Kucera, Jennifer  ( All Children's Hospital , St. Petersburg , Florida , United States )
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