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Abdominal distention in a Newborn: Is it NEC?

Purpose or Case Report: Ultrasound has become a powerful tool for the evaluation of bowel pathology in the children. In the newborn, ultrasound (US) can be used to diagnose, stage, and follow up necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) and its complication. US has excellent sensitivity and specificity for the identification of bowel wall thickening, peristalsis, pneumatosis, portal venous gas and free air and has become an integral evaluation tool for the newborn with abdominal distention. Our educational poster will:
1. Summarize proper US equipment, technique and protocol for diagnosing and following up NEC
2. Discuss advantages and benefits of incorporating US in the evaluation of bowel in newborns
3. Illustrate the sonographic findings of mild, moderate and severe NEC through cases
Methods & Materials: Pictorial review of US findings of NEC including grayscale and color Doppler. Comparison is made to similar findings in radiographs and clinical correlation.
Results: The spectrum of normal and abnormal neonatal bowel US findings are presented. Abnormal findings are presented using illustrative cases.
Conclusions: Ultrasound is a powerful tool that supplements and at times can replaced more traditional diagnostic methods in the assessment of NEC. This educational exhibit provides a practical guide for systematic evaluation of bowel in the newborn and how to diagnose, stage and follow up NEC and its complications.

Technologist Posters - Educational
2019 SPR Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course
Poster #: EDU-004 (T)
  • Schneeman, Libby  ( Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia , Clayton , New Jersey , United States )
  • Khwaja, Asef  ( Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia , Clayton , New Jersey , United States )
  • Bloom, Glenn  ( Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia , Clayton , New Jersey , United States )
  • Otero, Hansel  ( Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia , Clayton , New Jersey , United States )

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