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Advanced Neuroimaging
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Moum Sarah,  Cantrell Donald,  Mithal Divakar,  Lam Sandi,  Shaibani Ali

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-075

Advanced neuroimaging techniques are increasingly being used in the assessment of pediatric stroke and pediatric neurovascular disease. There is mounting evidence that noncontrast brain perfusion, contrast brain perfusion, and vessel wall imaging provide added clinical value in pediatric cerebrovascular disease. This presentation will outline the current literature and demonstrate the utility of these techniques through a pictorial case review of applications in pediatric stroke and related neurovascular pathologies. Technical guidelines and recommendations for each imaging modality will also be discussed. We aim to demonstrate a role for these techniques in pediatric diagnostic algorithms and neuroimaging protocols. Read More

Authors:  Moum Sarah , Cantrell Donald , Mithal Divakar , Lam Sandi , Shaibani Ali

Keywords:  Stroke, Neurovascular disease, Advanced neuroimaging