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Zhu Xiaowei,  Silvestro Elizabeth,  Andronikou Savvas

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Dynamic 4D CT (D4DCT) can replace bronchography in the assessment of tracheobronchomalacia (TBM) but setting up a new D4DCT service for infants with TBM poses unique challenges due to their venerability. Simulation prior to implementation is essential as D4DCT involves continuous volumetric CT scanning through the breathing cycle, potentially delivering high radiation doses. Radiation dose, gantry rotation and scan dynamics can be customized.
Our purpose is to describe the development and implementation of CT dynamic airway protocol using a 3D printed Infant Dynamic Airway Phantom (phantom) for simulation of D4DCT in tachnypnoea and collapsible airways, thereby validating image quality and estimating radiation dose prior to clinical implementation.
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Authors:  Zhu Xiaowei , Silvestro Elizabeth , Andronikou Savvas

Keywords:  dynamic airway, infant, D4DCT