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Dynamic Airway
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Zhu Xiaowei,  Silvestro Elizabeth,  Andronikou Savvas

Final Pr. ID: Paper #: 019

Dynamic 4D CT (D4DCT) can replace bronchography in the assessment of tracheobronchomalacia (TBM) but setting up a new D4DCT service for infants with TBM poses unique challenges due to their venerability. Simulation prior to implementation is essential as D4DCT involves continuous volumetric CT scanning through the breathing cycle, potentially delivering high radiation doses. Radiation dose, gantry rotation and scan dynamics can be customized.
Our purpose is to describe the development and implementation of CT dynamic airway protocol using a 3D printed Infant Dynamic Airway Phantom (phantom) for simulation of D4DCT in tachnypnoea and collapsible airways, thereby validating image quality and estimating radiation dose prior to clinical implementation.
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Authors:  Zhu Xiaowei , Silvestro Elizabeth , Andronikou Savvas

Keywords:  dynamic airway, infant, D4DCT

Elma Alexander,  Bates Alister,  Xiao Qiwei,  De Alarcon Alessandro,  Fleck Robert

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: CR-046

Large airway obstruction, subglottic stenosis, tracheal narrowing, and tracheomalacia are common morbidities associated with prematurity secondary to prolonged intubation. Laryngotracheoplasty is often required to alleviate subglottic stenosis and allow a patient to be decannulated from their tracheostomy. Patients will often have continued airway and voice issues despite being able to live without a tracheostomy. The clinical conundrum in treating this patient is whether vocal folds can be surgically moved closer together to improve vocalization without compromising the airway further and increasing resistance. Here we demonstrate how this clinical conundrum can be informed by CT-derived CFD modeling in a 15-year-old male former 31-week preterm infant with dysphonia and subglottic airway narrowing at the cervical trachea and narrow vocal cords. Read More

Authors:  Elma Alexander , Bates Alister , Xiao Qiwei , De Alarcon Alessandro , Fleck Robert

Keywords:  compurtational fluid dynamics, airway modeling, subglottic stenosis

Aljallad Mohammed,  Dunoski Brian

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-001

Balancing PEEP settings in mechanically ventilated premature infants to maximize air exchange while minimizing barotrauma is typically evaluated using bronchography. A 4D dynamic airway computerized tomography protocol (4D CT) was developed as a less invasive method to evaluate large and small airways collapse at variable PEEP settings. Our purpose was to evaluate the radiation dose from 4D CT and to demonstrate the number of cycles impact on the radiation dose. Read More

Authors:  Aljallad Mohammed , Dunoski Brian

Keywords:  Dynamic Airways, Effective Dose, Skin Dose

El-ali Alexander,  Davis James,  Otero Hansel,  Biko David,  Rapp Jordan

Final Pr. ID: Paper #: 030

Dynamic Airway CT (DACT) has risen in popularity in recent years, however, studies of Tracheobronchomalacia (TBM) are hindered by inconsistent definitions which variously rely on airway area, airway diameter, and qualitative measures. We explore the interrater reliability of these measures. Read More

Authors:  El-ali Alexander , Davis James , Otero Hansel , Biko David , Rapp Jordan

Keywords:  dynamic airway imaging, CT, tracheobronchomalacia