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Parthasarathy Jayanthi,  Hatoum Hoda,  Flemister Dorma,  Mery Carlos,  Molossi Silvana,  Dasi Lakshmi Prasad,  Krishnamurthy Rajesh

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Morphological features including intramural course, high ostial location, and slit-like ostium are considered risk factors for sudden death in patients with AAOCA. Assessment of coronary blood flow at rest and hyperemia may contribute to understanding the cause of death, and to risk stratification and management. A patient-specific biomechanical 3D printed model incorporating morphological features derived from CTA was developed to quantify coronary blood flow in AAOCA. Read More

Authors:  Parthasarathy Jayanthi , Hatoum Hoda , Flemister Dorma , Mery Carlos , Molossi Silvana , Dasi Lakshmi Prasad , Krishnamurthy Rajesh

Keywords:  Anomalous coronary, 3D Printing, FFR