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Murari Karthi,  Reading Brenton,  Hayatghaibi Shireen,  Ashton Daniel,  Buckley Jennifer,  Robinson Amie,  Noel-macdonnell Janelle,  Rivard Douglas,  Theut Stephanie,  Cully Brent

Final Pr. ID: Paper #: 070

Gastro-Jejunostomy (GJ) tubes are commonly placed and exchanged by interventional radiologists (IR) in pediatric patients requiring transpyloric feeds. GJ tubes with slight variations are available from different manufacturers, most frequently used are Avanos Medical, Inc. (previously Halyard Medical Devices) and Applied Medical Technology (AMT). There is currently no published data available comparing complication rates between the different GJ tubes. The goal of this study is to compare complication rates at two different pediatric institutions and reasons for non-elective required exchange/replacement of GJ tubes manufactured by Avanos and AMT in pediatric patients. Read More

Authors:  Murari Karthi , Reading Brenton , Hayatghaibi Shireen , Ashton Daniel , Buckley Jennifer , Robinson Amie , Noel-macdonnell Janelle , Rivard Douglas , Theut Stephanie , Cully Brent

Keywords:  Gastrojejunostomy, G-tube, Complications

Downs Elissa,  Baldridge Alan,  Dietz Kelly

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-020

Gastrojejunostomy (GJ) tubes are a convenient way to provide nutrition to children with complex medical issues. A known complication is development of a small bowel intussusception. We perceived an increase in GJ tube intussusceptions (GJIs) at our quaternary care hospital. The purpose of our study was to identify cases of GJI, risk factors for development, and determine if there was a safety device issue. Read More

Authors:  Downs Elissa , Baldridge Alan , Dietz Kelly

Keywords:  Gastrojejunostomy, Intussusception, Safety