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Diaz Eric,  Hor Kan,  Krishnamurthy Ramkumar,  Lee Simon,  Krishnamurthy Rajesh

Final Pr. ID: Paper #: 045

DMD is X-linked cardiac and skeletal myopathy caused by dystrophin protein deficiency with early death by cardiomyopathy. Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) with myocardial fibrosis by late gadolinium enhancement (LGE) precedes decline in ejection fraction (LVEF) and may alter management in DMD. Muscle weakness limits ability to perform consistent breath-hold (BH) in traditional LGE sequences. Free-breathing (FB) LGE with motion correction (MOCO) allows improved visualization. We hypothesize that FB LGE with MOCO provides equivalent diagnostic quality with similar scan time to traditional LGE sequence. Read More

Authors:  Diaz Eric , Hor Kan , Krishnamurthy Ramkumar , Lee Simon , Krishnamurthy Rajesh

Keywords:  LGE, MOCO, CMR