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Massé-bouillé Guy-anne,  Taddeo Danielle,  Jamoulle Olivier,  Frappier Jean-yves,  Wilkins Jean,  Miron Marie-claude

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: CR-060

Anorexia nervosa is a condition with a wide range of presenting signs and symptoms. Our report describes an adolescent suffering from restrictive anorexia nervosa (no purging) who presented with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 9,73 kg/m2 and asymptomatic spontaneous subcutaneous emphysema, pneumomediastinum, pneumoperitoneum and pneumatosis intestinalis. History revealed fatigue, lower limbs weakness, jaw pain and swollen neck over the last few weeks but no abdominal complaints. She was successfully managed with supportive care and progressive enteral nutrition leading to a favourable outcome with significant weight gain (BMI of 12,1 kg/m2 at discharge). Her clinical course was complicated by refeeding syndrome and Rotavirus gastro-enteritis leading to a pre-shock state. We hypothesize that her clinical presentation was attributable to severe chronic undernourishment. Previous reports support the theory that severe undernourishment can lead to altered interstitial wall composition, which could result in migration of air through weakened alveolar or intestinal wall. This case is of interest given that spontaneous pneumoperitoneum and pneumatosis intestinalis have rarely been described in association with anorexia nervosa, especially in an asymptomatic patient. In addition, her favorable outcome suggests that these patients can effectively be managed with conservative care. Read More

Authors:  Massé-bouillé Guy-anne , Taddeo Danielle , Jamoulle Olivier , Frappier Jean-yves , Wilkins Jean , Miron Marie-claude

Keywords:  anorexia nervosa, pneumatosis intestinalis, pneumoperitoneum

Errampalli Eric,  Kosaraju Sriya,  Illimoottil Mathew,  Priya Lakshmi,  Orscheln Emily

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-045

Pneumoperitoneum is the presence of air or gas within the peritoneal cavity. Prompt identification of pneumoperitoneum is critical due to its association with life-threatening pathologies. Through case-based discussion, the following exhibit will highlight various radiological signs of pneumoperitoneum on radiography as well as false cases of pneumoperitoneum, coined pseudopneumoperitoneum, an important distinction to avoid unnecessary invasive procedures for patients. Read More

Authors:  Errampalli Eric , Kosaraju Sriya , Illimoottil Mathew , Priya Lakshmi , Orscheln Emily

Keywords:  Pneumoperitoneum

Chern Joshua,  Malik Archana,  Mallon Mea,  Urbine Jaqueline,  Poletto Erica,  Kazmi Faaiza,  Faerber Eric

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-098

Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) is a potentially fatal disease that is commonly encountered in pediatric hospitals. Early diagnosis is of utmost importance, and thus, radiologists must be aware of the varied imaging findings seen in association with NEC and its complications. Read More

Authors:  Chern Joshua , Malik Archana , Mallon Mea , Urbine Jaqueline , Poletto Erica , Kazmi Faaiza , Faerber Eric

Keywords:  NEC, pneumatosis, pneumoperitoneum