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Rib Fracture
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Horst Kelly,  Kennedy Jillian,  Zingula Shannon,  Thomas Kristen,  Larson Nicholas,  Mcdonald Jennifer,  Hull Nathan,  Binkovitz Larry

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-010

We sought to quantify the sensitivity of plain film interpretation for rib fractures in patients < 3 years of age. Acute rib fractures can be challenging to detect on plain film imaging and can have serious implications if they are attributed to child abuse. We retrospectively reviewed plain films with known rib fractures to quantify “missed” and “occult” fractures. Read More

Authors:  Horst Kelly , Kennedy Jillian , Zingula Shannon , Thomas Kristen , Larson Nicholas , Mcdonald Jennifer , Hull Nathan , Binkovitz Larry

Keywords:  rib fracture, occult fracture, missed fracture

Brennan Brian,  Henry M Katherine,  Altaffer Ana,  Wood Joanne

Final Pr. ID: Paper #: 113

Prior research describing risk of physical abuse in children with rib fractures has included children whose rib fractures were incidentally identified in the context of an abuse evaluation. In our practice, the child in whom a rib fracture is the first presenting injury can be a diagnostic challenge, and less is known about this population. Our objectives were to determine the prevalence of 1) additional injuries concerning for abuse, 2) diagnosis of abuse and 3) a report to Child Protective Services (CPS) among children <60 months presenting with rib fractures or with rib fractures identified incidentally during evaluation of a chief complaint unrelated to abuse. Read More

Authors:  Brennan Brian , Henry M Katherine , Altaffer Ana , Wood Joanne

Keywords:  Child Abuse, Fracture, Rib Fracture