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Ultra Low Dose
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Kim Jesi,  Nimkin Katherine,  Westra Sjirk,  Gee Michael,  Stockton Katherine,  Savage Cristy

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Pectus excavatum (PEx) is a chest wall deformity that leads to sternal depression and can impair cardiopulmonary function. CT imaging is used for surgical planning but exposes children to a significant radiation dose. Ultra-low dose CT enables PEx assessment in children with radiation exposure comparable to plain radiographs. The purpose of this study is to evaluate image quality and detection of thoracic pathology on ultra-low dose CT in children with PEx. Read More

Authors:  Kim Jesi , Nimkin Katherine , Westra Sjirk , Gee Michael , Stockton Katherine , Savage Cristy

Keywords:  Pectus excavatum, ultra-low dose, pediatrics