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Park Ji Eun,  Choi Young Hun,  Cheon Jung-eun,  Kim Woo Sun,  Kim In-one,  Cho Hyun Suk

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-023

Brain MRI in children is often limited by motion artifacts. Radial k-space sampling techniques have been shown to reduce motion artifacts.
To compare a contrast-enhanced radial volumetric interpolated brain examination (radial VIBE) sequence with a magnetization-prepared rapid acquisition gradient echo (MP-RAGE) sequence in pediatric brain MR imaging.
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Authors:  Park Ji Eun , Choi Young Hun , Cheon Jung-eun , Kim Woo Sun , Kim In-one , Cho Hyun Suk

Keywords:  VIBE, radial VIBE, MPRAGE, Brain MRI