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Wb Mri Scoring System
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Panwar Jyoti,  Kirkhus Eva,  Meyers Arthur,  Patel Hiten,  Van Rossum Marion,  Stimec Jennifer,  Tse Shirley,  Twilt Marinka,  Tzaribachev Nikolay,  Doria Andrea,  Tolend Mirkamal,  Akikusa Jonathan,  Herregods Nele,  Highmore Kerri,  Inarejos Clemente Emilio,  Jans Lennart,  Jaremko Jacob Lester,  Von Kalle Thekla

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-036

Whole body (WB) MRI is a valuable method for surveying the overall burden of systemic diseases such as juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), directing further diagnostic and treatment approaches. Consensus-driven development and validation of a standardized WB-MRI scoring system for JIA has important clinical utility in timely detection and monitoring of disease activity, and serves as an outcome measure in research. We describe our experience utilizing a formal consensus approach amongst imaging and/or clinical JIA experts towards developing a novel WB MRI scoring system to assess disease activity in JIA. Read More

Authors:  Panwar Jyoti , Kirkhus Eva , Meyers Arthur , Patel Hiten , Van Rossum Marion , Stimec Jennifer , Tse Shirley , Twilt Marinka , Tzaribachev Nikolay , Doria Andrea , Tolend Mirkamal , Akikusa Jonathan , Herregods Nele , Highmore Kerri , Inarejos Clemente Emilio , Jans Lennart , Jaremko Jacob Lester , Von Kalle Thekla

Keywords:  Consensus, WB-MRI scoring system, Juvenile idiopathic arthritis