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Ahmed Bilal

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In preterm infants, caudothalamic lesions on ultrasound usually evoke the presence of a recent germinal matrix bleed. Intraventricular bleeds may also be seen in term infants but usually located near the glomus of the choroid plexus. Because germinal matrix has involuted in term infants, caudothalamic bleeds are infrequent and other possibilities should be considered when caudothalamic lesions are seen. Previous literature has described germinolytic cysts as indistinguishable from lesions resulting from germinal matrix hemorrhage. The pathologic process underlying development of these cysts is not well known and may result from intrauterine injury due to a vascular insult, congenital infections or chromosomal abnormalities. In our practice, we have seen many cases of germinolytic cysts in term infants mimicking germinal matrix bleed but acting as “red flag” raising the suspicion of other pathology, such as CMV infection and Zellweger syndrome. Although germinal matrix bleed and germinolytic cysts appear similar on ultrasound, we believe that key differentiating feature between these lesions is gestational age of the infant at presentation. Purpose of our educational exhibit is to emphasize these facts and encourage both radiologists and sonologists to consider unusual but important possibilities such as CMV infections or Zellweger syndrome whenever caudothalamic lesions are encountered in a term baby. We discuss other abnormalities and findings to support these diagnoses. Early suspicion and detection of intracranial CMV infection is essential for prompt treatment and better outcome. Read More

Meeting name: SPR 2017 Annual Meeting & Categorical Course , 2017

Authors: Hurteau-miller Julie, Bilal Ahmed, Brophy Jason

Keywords: Caudothalamic, term, neonate

The purpose of this educational exhibit is to demonstrate the imaging characteristics of several conditions that cause multifocal liver lesions in children that are immunocompromised, have a history of malignancy, or being treated for a malignancy using a radiological multi-modality method. Read More

Meeting name: IPR 2016 Conjoint Meeting & Exhibition , 2016

Authors: Koujok Khaldoun, Bilal Ahmed, Abdeen Nishard

Keywords: hepatic, pediatric, neoplasm