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Cortney Sostarich

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Various types of cystic structures are present in the fetal abdomen. Preliminary evaluation of cystic lesions utilizes ultrasound. Given the wide range of manifestations of cysts in the fetal abdomen including but not limited to mesenteric, duplication, choledochal, ovarian, to lymphatic malformations proper diagnosis can prove difficult. When ultrasound yields inconclusive results, the next step is further investigation with fetal MRI. Fetal MRI provides increased resolution to fully characterize an abdominal cyst. Proper identification of a cyst provides useful guidance for appropriate perinatal management. Clinical management of fetal cysts consists of watchful watching, serial ultrasounds after birth, to surgical intervention. Recognition of the various types of cysts by a radiologist can help allow a clinician to appropriately counsel families about the next steps in the medical care of their child. This presentation highlights the spectrum cystic lesions seen on MRI in the fetal abdomen. We outline a systemic method for identification of fetal abdominal cysts. Various examples of abdominal cysts will be reviewed focusing on key differences which can narrow the differential diagnosis and allow for proper identification. Results from fetal MRI will be correlated with an ultrasound shortly after birth to ensure appropriate diagnosis. Read More

Meeting name: SPR 2020 Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course , 2020

Authors: Sostarich Cortney, Brown Brandon

Keywords: cyst, abdominal, fetal