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Jing Wu

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Neuroblastoma is a clinically heterogeneous pediatric malignancy, varying in location, histopathologic appearance, and biologic characteristics. Genetics plays an important role in the prognosis. Amplification of the MYC family member, MYCN, is found in 25% of cases and correlates with high-risk disease and poor prognosis. However, genetic information can only be obtained via surgery or biopsy with concurrent morbidity and sampling variability associated with biopsy. The ability to detect MYCN amplification from routine pre-operative imaging can stratify neuroblastoma risk groups and affect clinical decision making. The purpose of this study was to predict the patient's MYCN status based on radiomics analysis of the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) characteristics in patients with neuroblastoma. Read More

Meeting name: SPR 2020 Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course , 2020

Authors: Holroyd Alexandria, Bai Harrison, Liu Shixin, Xiao Yanhe, Liu Yalin, Wu Jing, States Lisa

Keywords: Machine learning, Radiomics, Neuroblastoma