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Dose Reduction in Pediatric Nuclear Medicine with Emphasis on Appropriate Administered Activities

Purpose or Case Report: The North American and European administered activity recommendations will be reviewed and compared in this educational exhibit.
Methods & Materials: The joint efforts of European and North American work groups have created consensus documents that suggest appropriate administered activities for pediatric nucear medicine studies.
Results: Administered activities in single photon imaging and positron emission tomography have been reduced and standardized through joint efforts in Europe (the EANM Paediatric Dose Card in 2007 and 2008 and the North American Consensus Guidelines in 2011). Differences between the European and North American recommendations were harmonized through international efforts in 2014. Dose recommendations for additional radiopharmaceuticals have been addressed in 2015 for brain, cardiovascular and thyroid applications. Other contributors have created smartphone applications that are based on the recommended administered activities.
In addition to a review and comparison of the North American and European administered activity recommendations, other dose reduction techniques that can be applied in planar and hybrid imaging will be discussed.
Conclusions: Recommendations for administered activities in pediatric nuclear medicine are available from European and North American sources.
  • Gelfand, Michael  ( Children's Hospital , Cincinnati , Ohio , United States )
  • Treves, S.  ( Harvard Medical School , Boston , Massachusetts , United States )
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