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Incidence and Findings of Genitourinary Involvement in Pediatric Patients with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome

Purpose or Case Report: To assess the incidence, scope, clinical findings and imaging characteristics of GU pathology due to underlying KTS in pediatric patients with the goal of improved diagnosis and outcomes for children with this potentially fatal disorder.
Methods & Materials: Using a retrospective data analysis design, the charts and imaging studies of 58 patients with confirmed diagnosis of KTS within a single tertiary care pediatric health care system were studied for insight into the degree of GU involvement in pediatric patients.
Results: 17% of patients (10) were noted to have GU findings, with 5% (3) having extensive GU involvement (defined as greater than 1 finding). The overall scope of GU involvement was diverse and varied with more than 9 different findings identified spanning 6 unique organs. Kidney, bladder and scrotum had the most common findings. Hematuria was the most common presenting symptom in 30% (3/10). Findings included those discussed in the literature along with previously unreported lymphatic findings. The importance of early recognition of GU involvement due to KTS was confirmed as the average age of GU complication was 7.6 years, less than 3 years after the average age of KTS diagnosis in this patient population.
Conclusions: Significant GU complications due to KTS can occur in the pediatric population with pathologies manifesting at an early age and with delayed recognition. Early clinical and imaging characterization of these conditions is important for expectant management and early intervention strategies, thereby playing a central role in improving patient education, patient outcomes and reducing costs, morbidity and mortality.
  • Patel, Nimai  ( UCF College of Medicine , Orlando , Florida , United States )
  • Swana, Hubert  ( Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children , Orlando , Florida , United States )
  • Johnson, Craig  ( Nemours Children's Hospital , Orlando , Florida , United States )
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