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There is MAGEC going on in Ultrasound

Purpose or Case Report: 1.To identify what are MAGEC rods and how ultrasound is utilized in the lengthening procedure to reduce the number of x-rays that they are exposed to.
2. To describe the use of Ultrasound to aid with lengthening the MAGEC rods in Scoliosis patients.
3. Decscribe the pros and cons of Ultrasound use
Methods & Materials: Scoliosis is a sideways bending or curvature of the spine. At times, surgical intervention is required to help correct or stop the curvature from getting worse. By using the MAGEC rods, this can reduce the number of surgeries and radiation from xrays that a patient is exposed to.
Ultrasound is used to help measure the growth of the growing rods at each lengthening and reduce the number of xrays that the patient is getting. In this poster, I will discuss the procedure of performing an lengthening of the MAGEC rods and the benefits and downfalls of ultrasound.
Results: What is scoliosis
Treatment of scoliosis
MAGEC rods- what is it?
How do they work
Anatomy of the rods
Using Ultrasound as a measuremen tool
Benefit of Ultrasound usage
Downfalls of Ultrasound usage
Conclusions: Using Ultrasound to help with the lengthening MAGEC rods can save a patient from the exposure or xrays along with reducing the number of surgeries that a patient will need in their lifetime.
  • Winer, Amy  ( Cincinnati Children's Hospital , Cincinnati , Ohio , United States )
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