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Congenital structural MRI findings in epilepsy

Purpose or Case Report: Epilepsy can be a progressive and debilitating illness in the pediatric population. There is a large range of congenital conditions that present with seizures in neonatal patients, which are essential for the radiologist to accurately characterize on imaging. Accurately diagnosing the cause of epilepsy can not only allow appropriate treatment, but also provide important information on prognosis and associated abnormalities.

The goal of this educational poster is to provide an overview of different congenital etiologies of epilepsy. This case based review includes congenital malformations of the brain such as focal cortical dysplasia, schizencephaly, heterotopias, hemimegalencephaly, and polymicrogyria. Cases highlighting neurocutaneous conditions associated with epilepsy including tuberous sclerosis and Sturge-Weber are reviewed. Cortical injuries from insults such as congenital infection, hypoxic-ischemic injury, or hemorrhage are also included.

Familiarity with the imaging findings of epilepsy is essential for the radiologist, especially the trainee and those with less experience with pediatric neuroimaging. After reviewing this educational poster, viewers will be able to describe the imaging features of congenital causes of epilepsy and understand the treatment and prognoses of these conditions.
Methods & Materials:
  • Farkas, Amy  ( University of Mississippi Medical Center , Jackson , Mississippi , United States )
  • Patel, Niki  ( University of Mississippi Medical Center , Jackson , Mississippi , United States )
  • Joyner, David  ( University of Mississippi Medical Center , Jackson , Mississippi , United States )
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