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4d Flow
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Fujiwara Takashi,  Browne Lorna,  Malone Ladonna,  Lu Quin,  Fonseca Brian,  Dimaria Michael,  Barker Alex

Final Pr. ID: Paper #: 040

4D flow MRI with full coverage of the heart and proximal vessels is a powerful tool to understand hemodynamic pathology arising from congenital heart disease (CHD) and subsequent surgery; however, scan times often exceed 10 minutes thereby limiting widespread adoption in pediatrics. Decreasing scan time using compressed-SENSE (CS), a combination of conventional parallel imaging (SENSE) and randomized spatial undersampling, shows promise over SENSE alone. However, both the feasibility and its effect on accurate flow quantification in pediatrics has not been evaluated. This study investigated the feasibility of CS for pediatric 4D flow MRI to quantify flow indices used in risk stratification of CHD such as coarctation or pulmonary regurgitation, in comparison with SENSE. Read More

Authors:  Fujiwara Takashi , Browne Lorna , Malone Ladonna , Lu Quin , Fonseca Brian , Dimaria Michael , Barker Alex

Keywords:  4D flow, Compressed SENSE, Congenital heart disease

Griffin Lindsay,  Gupta Aditi,  Berhane Haben,  Husain Nazia,  Rigsby Cynthia

Final Pr. ID: Paper #: 011

Three dimensional magnetic resonance angiography (3DMRA) and two-dimensional phase contrast are commonly used for assessment of anatomy and flow in congenital heart disease. Time-resolved, three-dimensional phase contrast MRI (4D flow) provides complete volumetric coverage of the chest with flow assessment in any plane. How the addition of ferumoxytol (Fe), a blood pool contrast, changes 4D flow magnitude image quality relative to extracellular gadolinium-based contrast agents (GB) and non-contrast (NC) exams is unknown. We compare image quality measurements in Fe, GB and NC 4D flow with ECG-gated, respiratory-navigated 3DMRA. Read More

Authors:  Griffin Lindsay , Gupta Aditi , Berhane Haben , Husain Nazia , Rigsby Cynthia

Keywords:  4D flow, Ferumoxytol, Congenital Heart Disease