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Hatoum Hoda,  Krishnamurthy Rajesh,  Parthasarathy Jayanthi,  Flemister Dorma,  Mery Carlos,  Molossi Silvana,  Dasi Lakshmi Prasad

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AAOCA is the second leading cause of sudden cardiac death in the young which typically occurs with exertion. With in-vitro patient-specific modeling the study aims to assess the differences in fractional flow reserve(FFR)with hyperemia(high-flow)in a patient with AAOCA with a confirmed ischemic event and compare it to a patient with normal coronaries Read More

Authors:  Hatoum Hoda , Krishnamurthy Rajesh , Parthasarathy Jayanthi , Flemister Dorma , Mery Carlos , Molossi Silvana , Dasi Lakshmi Prasad

Keywords:  Aaoca, CT, Coronary