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Cardiac Function
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Naresh Nivedita,  Browne Lorna,  Barker Alex,  Malone Ladonna,  Fujiwara Takashi,  Hulseberg-dwyer Emma,  Mcgee Janet,  Lu Quin,  Twite Mark,  Dimaria Michael,  Fonseca Brian

Final Pr. ID: Paper #: 041

Introduction: Conventional pediatric MRI acquisitions of a short axis (SA) stack for ventricular volumes typically requires one breath-hold per slice, resulting in multiple coordinated breath-holds under anesthesia to acquire the entire stack. Here, we aim to validate a compressed sensing approach to reduce breath-holding during SA balanced steady state free precession (bSSFP) cine imaging. Equivalency is tested via qualitative image scoring and global volumes compared to conventional bSSFP cine imaging. Read More

Authors:  Naresh Nivedita , Browne Lorna , Barker Alex , Malone Ladonna , Fujiwara Takashi , Hulseberg-dwyer Emma , Mcgee Janet , Lu Quin , Twite Mark , Dimaria Michael , Fonseca Brian

Keywords:  Compressed Sensing, Cardiac Function, Anesthesia