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Dandy Walker Malformation
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Goncalves Luís,  Jain Shilpa,  Krishnan Ananth,  Yuxiang Zhou,  Bloom David,  Lee Wesley,  Romero Roberto

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-079

To develop reference ranges for cerebellum and posterior fossa measurements by fetal MRI and to investigate the reproducibility and diagnostic performance of quantitative MR parameters for the differentiation of fetal posterior fossa abnormalities. Read More

Authors:  Goncalves Luís , Jain Shilpa , Krishnan Ananth , Yuxiang Zhou , Bloom David , Lee Wesley , Romero Roberto

Keywords:  posterior fossa, cerebellar vermis, Blake's pouch cyst, fetal MRI, Dandy-Walker malformation