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East Africa
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Rooks Elizabeth,  Rousslang Lee,  Meldrum Jaren,  Ishikawa Kyle,  Chen John,  Rousslang Nikki,  Nayiga Joyce,  Destigter Kristen

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-015

Resident trainees in East Africa are challenged in learning pediatric radiology due to limited access to subspecialty knowledge and mentorship. The ubiquitous use of smartphones provides the opportunity to use free instant messaging apps to deliver medical education. To test this approach, we delivered case-based modules via WhatsApp to residents to assess knowledge of pediatric radiology and elicited their feedback for evaluation. Read More

Authors:  Rooks Elizabeth , Rousslang Lee , Meldrum Jaren , Ishikawa Kyle , Chen John , Rousslang Nikki , Nayiga Joyce , Destigter Kristen

Keywords:  Pediatric Radiology, East Africa, Education