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Francavilla Michael,  Mpoti Makhethe,  Vossough Arastoo

Final Pr. ID: Paper #: 092

We sought to determine factors associated with sonographic non-visualization of the appendix in patients being evaluated for appendicitis. Read More

Authors:  Francavilla Michael , Mpoti Makhethe , Vossough Arastoo

Keywords:  appendicitis, overweight, obesity

Moredock Elisabeth,  Coleman Jay,  Chang Alice,  Pfeifer Cory,  Kwon Jeannie

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-012

Ultrasound is often the initial imaging modality in evaluation for pediatric appendicitis, but there is concern that the increasing prevalence of pediatric obesity may affect both the sensitivity of ultrasound and the interpretation of an equivocal result. We hypothesized that higher BMI percentile would correlate with lower ultrasound sensitivity, higher equivocal rate, and higher rate of CT acquisition.
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Authors:  Moredock Elisabeth , Coleman Jay , Chang Alice , Pfeifer Cory , Kwon Jeannie

Keywords:  Appendicitis, Obesity, Ultrasound