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Soto Gloria,  Nievelstein Rutger,  Boechat Ines,  Pool Kara-lee,  Dehaye Amanda,  Ducou Le Pointe Hubert,  Halliday Kath,  Lam Wendy,  Lopez Pino Miguel,  Mentzel Hans-joachim,  Mwango Gladys

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-065

Five years ago the leaders of the world’s regional pediatric imaging societies launched the World Federation of Pediatric Imaging (WFPI), a pediatric imaging body with global overview. According to its mission statement "WFPI provides an international platform for pediatric radiology organizations united to address the challenges in global pediatric imaging training and the delivery of services".
To guide WFPI's outreach endeavors as well as of other organizations interested in improving pediatric radiology services worldwide a project to better define the needs and gaps of pediatric radiologists and training centers worldwide was undertaken.
The project aims to:
-Establish the number of Pediatric Radiologists (as regionally defined) per country/region around the world
-Outline the training pediatric radiologists receive and availability of training centers
-Highlight major disparities and gaps in availability of pediatric radiologists and pediatric imaging training
-Based on this information create a roadmap for WFPI’s global efforts.
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Authors:  Soto Gloria , Nievelstein Rutger , Boechat Ines , Pool Kara-lee , Dehaye Amanda , Ducou Le Pointe Hubert , Halliday Kath , Lam Wendy , Lopez Pino Miguel , Mentzel Hans-joachim , Mwango Gladys

Keywords:  Outreach, Training, Education

Gokli Ami,  Shekdar Karuna,  Reid Janet

Final Pr. ID: Paper #: 174

Both neuroradiologists and pediatric radiologists require unique skills to confidently manage pediatric neuroradiology cases either in a community setting, or in a specialized pediatric tertiary care hospital. We conducted a needs assessment of pediatric radiologists to define their neuroradiology subspecialty training experience and identify perceived skills and knowledge gaps as well as their attitudes toward a customized pediatric neuroradiology curriculum. Read More

Authors:  Gokli Ami , Shekdar Karuna , Reid Janet

Keywords:  Needs assessment, pediatric neuroradiology, training

Gorelik Natalia,  Khumalo Zonah,  Saint-martin Christine,  Bure Lionel,  Faingold Ricardo

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-066

Our study aims to test for validity a recently developed scoring system for the assessment of resident proficiency at performing a head ultrasound (HUS) examination in infants. Read More

Authors:  Gorelik Natalia , Khumalo Zonah , Saint-martin Christine , Bure Lionel , Faingold Ricardo

Keywords:  Neurosonography, Training, Evaluation

Alford Raphael,  Jain Shreyan,  Cheng Joseph,  Zhang Tao,  Vasanawala Shreyas

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-080

The purpose of this study is to develop a method of training pediatric patients in effective breathing during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Read More

Authors:  Alford Raphael , Jain Shreyan , Cheng Joseph , Zhang Tao , Vasanawala Shreyas

Keywords:  Biofeedback, Non-sedated MRI, Respiratory Training