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Ailish Coblenzt

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Lymphoma is the third most frequent pediatric cancer after leukemia and brain tumors and can involve different organs with multiple imaging presentations and characteristics. Given that, pediatric radiologists must be familiar with the different imaging patterns that this disease represents in order to come up with the proper diagnosis at every moment. However, sometimes lymphoma imaging presentation can be challenging and simulate other diseases (historically called the great mimicker), which can mislead us to make a wrong diagnosis with consequent inappropriate or delayed treatment. On account of that, we have selected several cases throughout different years presenting at two institutions with imaging presentations resembling pediatric lymphoma, some of them resulting in true lymphoproliferative processes and others turning out to be simulating pathologies. We display the different cases on this educational poster and show what are the clues (if present) to properly distinguish between lymphomatous and simulating diseases from the imaging point of view and always with clinical correlation. In summary, the main purpose of this poster is to represent the imaging differences between pediatric lymphoma and its possible mimickers through the presentation of different teaching cases and to highlight the clues that can help pediatric radiologists to distinguish adequately the different diseases. Read More

Meeting name: SPR 2024 Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course , 2024

Authors: Arenos-abril Jesus, Gonzalo Marta, Coblenzt Ailish

Keywords: Lymphoma, Oncology