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Marian Gaballah

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Lymphatic malformations (LMs) are low-flow vascular malformations which are composed of dilated lymphatic channels, forming septated cyst-like structures (2). LMs are the second most common type of vascular malformation, second to venous malformations (1). The most common locations are in the neck, followed by the axillary region. On MRI, LMs are multiloculated, T2 hyperintense lesions, which may have fluid-fluid levels, and are without flow voids (1, 2). They can involve multiple tissue planes and do not regard anatomical and fascial boundaries (2). Cystic lymphatic malformations are further divided into microcystic, macrocystic, or mixed, based on the size of their cystic components. Macrocystic LMs are composed of larger cysts, while microcystic LMs are composed of smaller cysts and may appear solid on imaging. We present ten cases of microcystic, macrocystic, and mixed lymphatic malformations in a variety of anatomical locations. In addition to demonstrating the imaging findings, we present a review of the literature in regards to each anatomical region. Lymphatic malformations in this presentation include right orbit (n=1), mediastinum (n=2), pulmonary bronchovascular bundles/pleural space (n=1), retroperitoneum (n=1), mesentery (n=2), perirectal and scrotal (n=1), lower extremity (n=2). 6 of these children also had additional sites of T2 hyperintense disease involving the bones or spleen, suggestive of additional lymphangiomas. This presentation summarizes ten cases of lymphatic malformations in a variety of less common anatomical locations and a review of the pertinent literature. <b>References:</b> 1. Flors L, Leiva-Salinas C, Maged IM et al. (2011) MR Imaging of Soft-Tissue Vascular Malformations: Diagnosis, Classification, and Therapy Follow-up. Radiographics 31:1321-1340. 2. White CL, Olivieri B, Restrepo R et al. (2016) Low-flow vascular malformation pitfalls: from clinical examination to practical imaging evaluation- part 1, lymphatic malformation mimickers. AJR 206: 940 – 951. Read More

Meeting name: SPR 2019 Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course , 2019

Authors: Gaballah Marian, Goldfisher Rachelle

Keywords: Lymphatic malformation, Vascular Malformation