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Vaishnavi Vaidyanathan

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Clinical diagnosis of pediatric-onset multiple sclerosis (POMS) is challenging, and MRI diagnostic criteria has imperfect sensitivity and specificity. The central vein sign (CVS) is a promising marker for POMS, however, most literature evaluating the central vein sign in POMS utilizes only the axial fluid attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) and susceptibility weigted imaging (SWI) sequences. Many institutions do not perform the SWI routinely or only recently replaced gradient recalled echo (GRE) with SWI in standard protocols. We investigate whether it is possible to detect the CVS with the GRE sequence. Read More

Meeting name: SPR 2024 Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course , 2024

Authors: Held Heather, Vaidyanathan Vaishnavi, Pfeifer Cory, Bassal Frederick

Keywords: Central Vein Sign, Multiple Sclerosis, POMS