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OEIS complex with horseshoe kidney

Purpose or Case Report: OEIS complex is the most severe end of the expectrum of the exstrophy - epispadias complex . It is characterized by omphalocele, extrophy, imperforate anus and spinal defects and is often associated with other malformations on chest, abdomen genitourinary, skeletal and neurologic. The incidence of OEIS complex is very rare, estimated to occur in 0, 5 – 1 per 200 000 live births.
We present a case of OEIS complex associated with horseshoe kidney. The baby was delivered by vaginal delivery (GA 39 weeks). Present normal male kariotype.
On physical examination there were omphalocele with herniation of a segment of the large bowel, cloacal exstrophy with two hemi bladders, imperforate anus and spina bifida. No external genitalia were identified on physical examination but bilateral cryptorchidism was observed in pelvic MRI
Renal ultrasound show hoershoe kidney with left pelvic ectasia that was confirmed on abdominal MRI and urotomography. Spinal ultrasound and MRI show lipomyelomenigocele and low spinal cord insertion. Also the baby has sacral segmentation defects and congenital hip subluxation.
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