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Eyes Sound Nice - The Utility Of Ultrasound In Evaluating The Pediatric Orbit

Purpose or Case Report: There is increasing interest in the use of ultrasonography to characterize pediatric ocular abnormalities. Normal orbital anatomy and many abnormal conditions affecting the orbit are well seen with orbital ultrasonography. Some entities display distinct, characteristic ultrasonographic features which may serve to confirm the clinical diagnosis. This educational exhibit demonstrates the value of orbital ultrasonography in evaluating normal orbital anatomy and the various pathologic conditions that may affect the eye in children.
Methods & Materials: We review the characteristic ultrasonographic findings of several common and uncommon pediatric ocular abnormalities and correlate our findings with the patient's clinical exam as well as with MR or CT when available.
Results: The technique for performing ocular ultrasonography is discussed. Normal ocular anatomy is demonstrated and ultrasonographic images of various entities are presented. These include orbital dermoid, dermolipoma, lympovascular malformation, venous malformation, hemangioma, cellulitis with retroorbital abscess and pilomatricoma. The limitations of orbital ultrasound are discussed as well.
Conclusions: Given its lack of ionizing radiation, low cost, efficient/rapid acquisition and its dynamic capability, ocular ultrasonography is an attractive imaging modality particularly in children. Despite its limitations, ultrasonography is a highly valuable tool and in select cases may serve as an alternative to CT or MR imaging.
  • Friedman, Andrew  ( Radiology, Montefiore Medical Center , Bronx , New York , United States )
  • Duan, Chen  ( Radiology, Montefiore Medical Center , Bronx , New York , United States )
  • Levin, Terry  ( Radiology, Montefiore Medical Center , Bronx , New York , United States )
  • Rosenberg, Jamie  ( Ophthalmology, Montefiore Medical Center , Bronx , New York , United States )
  • Taragin, Benjamin  ( Radiology, Montefiore Medical Center , Bronx , New York , United States )
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