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Scace Candace,  Poletto Erica,  Kazmi Faaiza,  Mallon Mea,  Malik Archana,  Urbine Jaqueline

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-012

A working knowledge of skull base anatomy as well as an understanding of the many lesions encountered in the developing calvarium is a challenging topic for the pediatric radiologist. The spectrum of lesions is vast and includes benign, benign but locally aggressive, and malignant lesions. The purpose of this presentation is to review the imaging findings associated with benign and malignant skull base lesions in children, while discussing their differentiating features. Read More

Authors:  Scace Candace , Poletto Erica , Kazmi Faaiza , Mallon Mea , Malik Archana , Urbine Jaqueline

Keywords:  calvarium, fibrous dysplasia, cholesterol granuloma

Amarneh Mohammad,  Sato Yutaka,  Watal Pankaj,  Vijapura Charmi,  Faruqui Sami,  Fuortes Michaelangelo,  Sato T Shawn

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-069

Pediatric radiologists encounter a variety of focal skull lesions and often the diagnosis is not easy to achieve. The spectrum of the skull lesions in children is broad and encompasses pathologies that can be congenital, acquired, benign, malignant, infectious, or posttraumatic. The purpose of this exhibit is to review the imaging findings of both common and rare focal skull lesions in the pediatric age group. Read More

Authors:  Amarneh Mohammad , Sato Yutaka , Watal Pankaj , Vijapura Charmi , Faruqui Sami , Fuortes Michaelangelo , Sato T Shawn

Keywords:  Skull, Calvarium, Pediatric

Milks Kathryn

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-112

The calvarium and overlying scalp is a uniquely changing entity in childhood that presents a dynamic source of pathologies in early life as the child grows and the sutures fuse. Various “lumps and bumps,” both symptomatic and not, may be discovered by the parents or detected by pediatricians. Although some may be diagnosed clinically, others may require imaging for diagnosis. Ultrasound offers a simple and often definitive alternative to CT and MRI for evaluation of calvarial lesions, avoiding unnecessary radiation and expense; however, it requires a sonologist with thorough understanding of the various calvarial and scalp entities. The purpose of this exhibit is to describe the progression of calvarial and scalp lesions encountered from the neonatal period through young adulthood. Read More

Authors:  Milks Kathryn

Keywords:  Skull, Ultrasound, calvarium, Lumps, Head