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Liang Teresa,  Lee Edward

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-090

Childhood interstitial (diffuse) lung disease (chILD) in infants consists of a rare and heterogeneous group of disorders previously classified with clinical, radiologic, and pathologic features. The purpose of this article is to discuss imaging techniques and provide a pattern-based approach for chILD in infants. Read More

Authors:  Liang Teresa , Lee Edward

Keywords:  childhood interstitial lung disease, Lung, Infants

Deboer Emily,  Deterding Robin,  Lynch David,  Humphries Stephen,  Jacob Joseph,  Devaraj Anand,  Ley-zaporozhan Julia,  Griese Matthias,  Schiwek Marilisa,  Stowasser Susanne,  Clerisme-beaty Emmanuelle

Final Pr. ID: Paper #: 034

Children’s interstitial lung diseases (chILD) comprise a large spectrum of rare diffuse lung disorders, with a subset of patients developing chronic fibrosing lung disease. While imaging criteria for lung fibrosis are established for adults and correlate with prognosis and outcome, there are limited data on imaging for diagnosis, prognosis, and outcomes in children with fibrotic lung disease. To fill this gap, a group of ILD specialists aimed to define the imaging features for diagnosis of lung fibrosis for a forthcoming randomized trial of nintedanib versus placebo in pediatric patients with fibrosing ILD (1199-0337; NCT04093024). Read More

Authors:  Deboer Emily , Deterding Robin , Lynch David , Humphries Stephen , Jacob Joseph , Devaraj Anand , Ley-zaporozhan Julia , Griese Matthias , Schiwek Marilisa , Stowasser Susanne , Clerisme-beaty Emmanuelle

Keywords:  childhood interstitial lung disease, computed tomography, fibrosis criteria

Singh Jaspreet,  Tuburan Smyrna

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: CR-077

We report the case of a neonatal male with alveolar capillary dysplasia with misalignment of the pulmonary veins (ACD/MPV). ACD/MPV is a rare, fatal disorder of the development of the alveolar vasculature. In this disorder, alveolar capillaries are reduced in number and are improperly located within the walls of the alveoli impeding oxygen exchange. In addition to alveolar capillary abnormalities, there are other associated abnormalities with the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal tract, and genitourinary systems. In this report, we describe the case of a term male neonate with a prenatal diagnosis of hypoplastic left heart who developed respiratory distress shortly after birth. The patient required prolonged ECMO and underwent evaluation with CT angiography of the chest. CT findings included diffuse bilateral interstitial thickening with enhancing airspace disease scattered in the left lung. The respiratory distress continued to be unresponsive to treatment, with difficulty weaning ECMO and respiratory support. Life support was withdrawn on day 30. Pathologic examination at autopsy demonstrated ACD/MPV. Our case adds to the limited literature available in describing imaging findings of ACD/MPV and support for early diagnosis with lung biopsy as it can prevent aggressive futile interventions. Read More

Authors:  Singh Jaspreet , Tuburan Smyrna

Keywords:  Interstitial Lung Disease, diffuse lung developmental disease

Sharma Priya,  Schaiberger Gregory,  Rajderkar Dhanashree

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-076

In this educational exhibit, we will present a series of childhood interstitial lung diseases (chILD) cases from our institution and present the x-ray and computed tomography (CT) images. We will describe a wide variety of pathologies that are encountered but are rare. We will discuss key imaging features and include teaching points of these chILDs. Read More

Authors:  Sharma Priya , Schaiberger Gregory , Rajderkar Dhanashree

Keywords:  chILD, Interstitial Lung Disease, Infectious