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Patterns Of Hypoxic Ischemic Injury
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Chacko Anith,  Andronikou Savvas,  Goncalves Fabricio,  Vedajallam Schadie,  Thai Ngoc Jade

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Hypoxic ischemic injury (HII) is a leading cause of neonatal encephalopathy and resultant cerebral palsy. Most studies focus on early magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings and patterns of injury, with few studies evaluating patterns in delayed MRI of patients with cerebral palsy.

We aim to categorise the delayed imaging MRI findings and distribution of abnormalities in a large cohort of children with cerebral palsy and obtained for medicolegal purposes to determine the causes of cerebral palsy, and to map the frequency of anatomic involvement in those with hypoxic ischemic injury.
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Authors:  Chacko Anith , Andronikou Savvas , Goncalves Fabricio , Vedajallam Schadie , Thai Ngoc Jade

Keywords:  hypoxic ischaemic injury, HII, Patterns of hypoxic ischemic injury