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Neha Kwatra

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Esophageal transit scintigraphy (ETS) complements anatomic imaging studies such as contrast esophagography for the evaluation of esophageal motility disorders. This noninvasive technique provides reliable and reproducible functional data that is useful in the evaluation of both primary and secondary esophageal motility disorders. This image-rich exhibit will provide an overview of this examination using representative examples of ETS studies in children, including technical considerations, imaging features in various disorders, and pitfalls in intepretation, with correlative fluoroscopic and/or CT images. Read More

Meeting name: SPR 2017 Annual Meeting & Categorical Course , 2017

Authors: Sarma Asha, Grant Frederick, Kwatra Neha

Keywords: Functional, Gastrointestinal, Nuclear medicine

Lymphoscintigraphy is a minimally invasive first-line imaging technique for the evaluation and management of primary and secondary lymphedema, detection of chylous leaks, and sentinel lymph node mapping. This exhibit will provide an illustrated review of the technique, clinical indications, characteristic imaging findings, and pitfalls in interpretation of lymphoscintigraphic studies in children. Read More

Meeting name: IPR 2016 Conjoint Meeting & Exhibition , 2016

Authors: Dahmoush Hisham, Grant Frederick, Kwatra Neha

Keywords: Lymphoscintigraphy, Lymphedema, Sentinel node, Chylous leak

Duplicated collecting systems can be associated with vesicoureteral reflux, urinary obstruction, ureteroceles, incontinence, and renal parenchymal scarring which can result in decreased renal function, therefore, early identification by radiologists and clinicians is crucial. The purpose of this educational exhibit is to review the embryology, highlight the imaging manifestations, and discuss the clinical ramifications of duplicated renal collecting systems in the pediatric population. Read More

Meeting name: IPR 2016 Conjoint Meeting & Exhibition , 2016

Authors: Didier Ryne, Chow Jeanne, Kwatra Neha, Lebowitz Robert

Keywords: Duplication, Urinary tract, Renal