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Sarma Asha,  Grant Frederick,  Kwatra Neha

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-087

Esophageal transit scintigraphy (ETS) complements anatomic imaging studies such as contrast esophagography for the evaluation of esophageal motility disorders. This noninvasive technique provides reliable and reproducible functional data that is useful in the evaluation of both primary and secondary esophageal motility disorders. This image-rich exhibit will provide an overview of this examination using representative examples of ETS studies in children, including technical considerations, imaging features in various disorders, and pitfalls in intepretation, with correlative fluoroscopic and/or CT images. Read More

Authors:  Sarma Asha , Grant Frederick , Kwatra Neha

Keywords:  Functional, Gastrointestinal, Nuclear medicine

Moore Tyler,  Hopkins Katharine

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-082

Functional magnetic resonance urography (fMRU) provides not only anatomic information but quantitative functional information as well. Several free tools are available to perform functional analysis. One such tool, CHOP-fMRU, is appealing because its creators have provided extensive instructions on their software and scan protocols.

Several barriers were encountered in attempting to implement CHOP-fMRU at OHSU. First, to perform the analysis, the appropriate DICOM files must be acquired from PACS. CHOP-fMRU is compatible with a limited number of transfer syntaxes, so a conversion is required after PACS download if the encoding is incompatible. Second, CHOP-fMRU is incompatible with some types of data elements that can be found in files with valid DICOM formats. Third, only the dynamic series can be included when importing a study into CHOP-fMRU, and every image in the set must be present. If an image from another series is included or an image from the dynamic series is excluded, the user encounters an error. Finally, when the analysis has been performed, it is desirable to send the results to PACS. Unless the user has purchased an Interactive Data Language (IDL) license, the images may only be exported as JPEG files. These files must be packaged into DICOM files with the correct header data before they are sent to PACS using DICOM network protocol.

While these tasks could each be accomplished with any one of many available DICOM tools, some of the tasks are moderately complex, and performing them manually would be time consuming. Instead, an additional piece of software desigend solely to perform these functions as simply and efficiently as possible can be helpful. Such a solution was attempted at OHSU, and the resulting software, CHOP-fMRU Assistant, is presented here.

CHOP-fMRU Assistant is a program written in C# using the Grassroots DICOM (GDCM) library. Current features include automatic transfer syntax conversion, removal of many potentially incompatible data elements, easy exclusion of unwanted series, analysis of the dynamic series for missing images, and conversion of the results from CHOP-fMRU to DICOM files for upload to PACS. CHOP-fMRU Assistant is available at under an open-source license and is offered with an associated wiki to help other institutions who have encountered similar barriers while attempting to implement CHOP-fMRU.
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Authors:  Moore Tyler , Hopkins Katharine

Keywords:  MR, Functional, Renal

Bhatia Aashim,  Khrichenko Dmitry,  Otero Hansel

Final Pr. ID: Paper #: 002

This study will normalize contrast enhancement curves for three GBCAs in fMRU and use it to assess for differences in renal enhancement characteristics of different GBCAs used in pediatric fMRU. Read More

Authors:  Bhatia Aashim , Khrichenko Dmitry , Otero Hansel

Keywords:  Functional, Gadolinium, Urography

Cole Denzel,  Linam Leann,  Cho Joo

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-035

This educational exhibit aims to highlight the role of MR Urography (MRU) in the setting of the pediatric patient with urinary outflow tract obstruction. This review encompasses the unique physiology of glomerular filtration in compensated vs decompensated uropathy and demonstrates the MR correlate to nuclear medicine. Read More

Authors:  Cole Denzel , Linam Leann , Cho Joo

Keywords:  MRU, Functional, Scintigraphy

Vey Brianna,  Cho Joo,  Taylor Susan,  Mehollin-ray Amy,  Alazraki Adina,  Khanna Geetika,  Linam Leann

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-047

MR Urography is an advanced imaging technique with increasing utilization that allows the interpretation of both anatomic and functional urologic data. This allows for a more efficient study of renal parenchymal and collecting system abnormalities, however the complexity and volume of functional data can make for an intimidating task to the interpreting radiologist. Key factors to success include: adequate patient preparation, optimal imaging protocol in conjunction with sedation/anesthesia and complex advanced post-processing techniques.

In this educational poster, we aim to provide an initial overview of MRU with practical points on appropriate patient preparation and study optimization, followed by a detailed overview of the myriad of functional data acquired with each study. Finally, we will review a series of image-rich cases along with the post-processed functional data in order to illustrate the approach to interpretation in the setting of anatomic abnormalities on MRU.
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Authors:  Vey Brianna , Cho Joo , Taylor Susan , Mehollin-ray Amy , Alazraki Adina , Khanna Geetika , Linam Leann

Keywords:  MRU, Functional, MR

Jacobson Deborah,  Gong Edward,  Flink Carl,  Cheng Earl,  Johnson Emilie,  Yerkes Elizabeth,  Maizels Max,  Lindgren Bruce,  Liu Dennis,  Rosoklija Ilina

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-022

Serial renal ultrasound (RUS) is often used as a surrogate for functional renal imaging among patients followed for hydronephrosis. However, it is unclear whether a lack of progression on serial RUS safeguards against loss of renal function. This study was performed to better characterize the association between findings on serial RUS and diuretic renography (DR) among children with unilateral high-grade hydronephrosis. Read More

Authors:  Jacobson Deborah , Gong Edward , Flink Carl , Cheng Earl , Johnson Emilie , Yerkes Elizabeth , Maizels Max , Lindgren Bruce , Liu Dennis , Rosoklija Ilina

Keywords:  Hydronephrosis, Ultrasound, Functional